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We are originally from the US (via North Carolina, New York, & New Jersey) and are currently expats living in Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate (wine) region.

We Take Our Dog to Doggy DayCare

One question Amanda & I get a lot when we both travel is what do we do with our dog, Barney?   If we are going on an extended trip of more than a week, we are lucky that Amanda's parents live 4 hours away.  We'll meet them halfway and exchange Barney.  We're very thankful they ...

Business Travel – the Best Way to See the World for Free

Have I mentioned how much I love my job and company?  Currently, I work as an internal Business Consultant supporting our business units to improve various aspects of their supply chain, business processes, and sales & marketing strategic development.  This position allows me to learn a lot about our company and I get to meet ...

So We Decided to Take Our First Ever Cruise

In an attempt to catch-up for 2012, I have to talk about the cruise we took for New Year's this year.  Amanda & I had talked about going on a cruise for many years, but I was always a little hesitant because I tend to get motion sickness on water.  Case in point, our fast ...

Understanding Where Traveling All Began for Me

I've always loved to travel.  Growing up in Troutman, North Carolina USA, we were lucky.  We had the beach 4 hours to the east and the mountains 2 hours to the west.  The 'big city' for me was Charlotte, NC.  And, for awhile, that was the world in which my travels lived. My first real ...

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