We Have an Announcement – Germany, Here We Come!!

So, this travel blog that I started a few months ago is about to become VERY different!!  Amanda & I (oh, and let me not forget our Barney) are officially moving to Germany the first of January due to at least a 3 year job rotation.  It’s a fantastic opportunity both professionally and personally.  Since this is not a work-related blog, we won’t be discussing work aspects other than to say we truly are thankfully to our company for this opportunity!!


Back to the blog, being that I set this up to discuss our travels, over the coming months, a main focus will be all that is actually required to move from New Jersey USA to Germany.  From house hunting, shipping our belongings via ocean & air freight, transporting Barney, adjusting to new surroundings & culture, and how we are assimilating into the German culture.

This is an exciting time for us filled with lots of details to still work through.  As time progresses, I look forward to sharing our experiences with everyone.  I look forward to answering any questions that anyone may have about Germany or Europe.  My hope is to make this site at least informative and somewhat entertaining.  Until later…..aufedersein

  1. I spent a few weeks in Germany, and had tons of FUN! I’m super excited for you, and look forward to hearing about your adventures! Where will you be living?



    1. THANKS! We’ve not selected a place yet, but it’s going to be in the Mannheim area.



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