We Have an Announcement – Germany, Here We Come!!

So, this travel blog that I started a few months ago is about to become VERY different!!  Amanda & I (oh, and let me not forget our Barney) are officially moving to Germany the first of January due to at least a 3 year job rotation.  It’s a fantastic opportunity both professionally and personally.  Since this is not a work-related blog, we won’t be discussing work aspects other than to say we truly are thankfully to our company for this opportunity!!


Back to the blog, being that I set this up to discuss our travels, over the coming months, a main focus will be all that is actually required to move from New Jersey USA to Germany.  From house hunting, shipping our belongings via ocean & air freight, transporting Barney, adjusting to new surroundings & culture, and how we are assimilating into the German culture.

This is an exciting time for us filled with lots of details to still work through.  As time progresses, I look forward to sharing our experiences with everyone.  I look forward to answering any questions that anyone may have about Germany or Europe.  My hope is to make this site at least informative and somewhat entertaining.  Until later…..aufedersein

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