Returning to the St. Regis Resort in Mauritius

It was love at first sight for Amanda and me with the St. Regis Resort in Mauritius. So much so, that this was our second visit in two years. Our first visit was in 2015 and this was a year later, both while we lived in Germany.

For this trip, we flew Business Class via Condor Airlines on a direct flight between Frankfurt and Mauritius. Yes, that’s a long flight — 12 hours! The first time we visited, we connected through Dubai, which was 6 hours from Germany + 8 hours from Dubai… either way, the travel time is so worth it. Click here for the blog post of our first visit, and click here for our review of the St. Regis.

To put the size of the island in perspective, the below is a representation of Mauritius to my home city of Charlotte, North Carolina USA. The location of the airport is at the ‘ews’ of ‘Matthews’ and the St. Regis is at the sharp-point on the bottom-left of the island. Our driver got us there in about an hour driving through sugar plantations along rolling hills.

Mauritius (Maa-rish-us) – [that’s my phonetic spelling] is an African island-nation in the Southern Indian Ocean, 700-miles east of Madagascar or 1,400-miles from mainland Africa (Mozambique). Given its tropical and remote location, Mauritius made for a perfect destination in my fiction novel “Secret Salvation” available on Amazon (HERE).

Clear, turquoise water of the lagoon makes for ideal snorkeling as the Le Morne Brabant Mountain overlooks the resort at a height of 1,824 feet. 

As the sun sets, the sky quickly changes various shades of orange and purple.

At night, the resort is well-lit in soft, natural lighting without blinding the view of stars from the night sky.

Inside the resort are many bars and perfect little hide-aways. Our visit was during early April which is early Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere. The size of the resort is such that we never felt crowded, in fact, it makes it feel almost like we have the resort to ourselves.

Early morning view of the large, main pool while having our breakfast.

This is the main building of the resort with the Le Manior, French restaurant on the ground floor and various bars, meeting areas, theater, etc. on the top floor.

One of our favorite places… the Floating Market & Atsuko for Asian-inspired meals

It’s been since 2016 that we left Mauritius, but the island remains with us. We’ve been twice, and we already know that we will return again, soon.

  1. We loved Mauritius too. We stayed at Beachcomber Victoria which was on a stunning beach too.



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