Our Review of the St. Regis Resort in Mauritius – Let Me Summarize in One Word — “WOW”

Once we knew we wanted to travel to Mauritius for our extended Easter Holiday Weekend from Germany, we needed to find a place to call home for our planned 5 night stay.  After doing our research online, we selected to stay at the St. Regis Resort in Mauritius, and we were not disappointed!!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with St. Regis or Starwood Properties, and have not been compensated to provide this review…

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We wanted to maximize our 5 night / 6 day stay as best as we could, so our flight arrived to Mauritius at 6am.  Our taxi met us at the airport, and we drove about an hour to the St. Regis Resort.

On our drive between the Airport & St. Regis, we passed many sugar plantations and factories, as this is the 2nd largest industry in Mauritius after tourism.  We also pased through several small villages located at various cross-roads along the way.  The highway is in excellent condition!!

We arrived at St. Regis as our driver drove through a gated community up to the reception area.  Arriving at 7am, we did not expect to be able to get into our room right away, as check-in time is 3pm.  We were greeted at our taxi by staff that took our bags, and walked us to the main, outdoor Reception desk area.

From the car drop off area, walking down the pathway with fountains on either side to the outdoor Reception area at the end

From the car drop off area, walking down the pathway with fountains on either side to the outdoor Reception area at the end

To be honest, my wife and I were so disoriented from our 11 hour flight and being on Central European Team, which was two hours behind meaning to us it was 5am.  But, the Reception staff was so welcoming and generous with us, making us feel at home and special right away.

The area where breakfast is served each morning beside the main pool area.

The area where breakfast is served each morning beside the main pool area.

After getting some information from us, we were escorted to the outdoor restaurant for breakfast, as the room staff worked to prepare our room early.  The Reception & Breakfast Staffs would stop by to check on us to see if we were okay or needed anything.  At 9:30am, we were told our room was ready, and we both were so thankful.

We were driven to our villa on one of the Resort golf carts, where we met our Butler assigned to our villa.  He was so very nice in explaining all of the room features, how he could help with any restaurant reservations or anything we needed, and even offered to unpack our bags for us (we graciously declined).


Walking the grounds and taking pictures of the resort from the other side of the villas where there are various gardens with local plants and flowers along the walkway.



The gardens have different fountains and are very relaxing to stroll through as blue and red dragon flies zip by.

Our room was VERY nice with a large king bed, a side seating area, a small bar section, and a spacious bathroom.  The bathroom had a beautiful stone tub and a walk-in rain shower, which both were large enough for me at 6’4″ to easily fit.


The balcony opened up overlooking the ground below, as we were on the 2nd floor.  Our view was of a small infinity pool and the beach (the large, main infinity pool was at the main resort area).


The view from our balcony. There are 175 rooms, and each villa has 4 rooms (2 on the ground and 2 on the 2nd floor). None of the villas stand taller than the palm trees. For us, we had a small private infinity pool just in front of the beach area.


The villas are nicely situated to where you have great views without looking directly into another villa.  And all of the villas are set in a majestic setting with palm trees standing over the buildings.  The Resort has done an excellent job in having the villas stretched along the beach and set off from each other to where you do feel secluded, even though there are some 175 rooms.


NOTE: the rooms on the first floor go out directly to the beach, which is a nice feature.  But, with this, one would have people walking by their room as they walk out to the beach or pool areas, so that would be the trade-off.

Dining at St. Regis:  in-room dining is available for all meals, and we found this to be very convenient on nights were we wanted to eat in  and the quality was very good.

On-site, there are a few restaurants to chose from:

  • Le Manior – french inspired meals for dinner, and where breakfast is served.  A special note about the breakfast…the buffet has an excellent choice of food with a make-to-order egg station.
  • The Boathouse Grill – great place for lunch or dinner along the beach.  We had the most, delicious 5-course lobster dinner one night.
  • Floating Market & Atsuko – both wonderful places for Asian and local inspired meals

All of our meals were top quality with a great selection.


Breakfast with a view of the large infinity pool



If you have too much sun, you can go inside to the bar area for a drink or light snack.


The Boathouse Grill, which is a great place for a drink on the beach. This picture is from the beach looking back at the bar area with the Le Morne Mountain in the background. With passing showers, it was fun to watch the mountain become overtaken with the fast moving clouds.


Spa Services:  what is a resort without having wonderful spa services, and the Iridium Spa is a very nice place for any massage, facial, or service needed.  To be honest, we did not use this service, as all we really wanted to do was to lay out on the beach, but they offer an impressive list of services.

Sports:  St. Regis offers many wonderful sporting activities from a grass tennis court, to workout facilities, to coordinating any numerous types of water activities.  Whether one wants to relax or get some physical activity, there are many choices to select.


On the other side of the pool cabanas is the area where you can rent or coordinate all the water activities



Three examples of wonderful hospitality: 

  1. One night, I had a slight sore throat and the butler offered and brought me some warm, ginger tea and it completely made me feel better.
  2. Another night, our Butler learned that it was Amanda’s birthday, and he had the chef make a decadently, delicious chocolate birthday cake.
  3. And, since it was Easter, we were brought a very nice display of chocolate eggs and bunnies to enjoy.

There are a lot of activities to choose from at St. Regis, but our favorite was spending time on the beach, especially at sunset.


RECOMMENDATION:  while we have traveled to many past destinations, we found the St. Regis Resort to be a very attractive and welcoming place to stay in Mauritius.  The Staff was extremely professional, friendly, and so helpful.  We plan to return to Mauritius again someday, and if we do, we will be staying again at the St. Regis Resort!


Standing in the water looking back to our villa. The mountain is Le Morne and is about 1200 feet above sea level. This southwestern area is a protected national park, so our resort was surrounded by natural rain forest. Le Morne Mountain at 1200 feet above sea level stands guard over the St. Regis


Each evening, I went to take pictures of the sunset that was very different each day. One day, we had a passing shower go by at sunset. As I was staring into the sun and it was raining, while I was standing in the water, I thought to myself that there should be a rainbow somewhere?


To my surprise, I turned around and saw this beautiful, double-rainbow stretching across the entire view over our villa. It lasted only for a minute, and I am so thankful to see it. Goes to show, sometimes it pays to turn around while you are taking pictures!


The silhouettes of palm trees in front of glorious sunsets are scenes of beauty at St. Regis.



So hard to say good-bye with views like this, but we will return someday…..


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