The Amazing St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

When we decided we wanted to go to Bora Bora, we needed to decide where to stay. There are many options to choose, from the 5-Star Resorts encircling the island to smaller hotels on the center main island. Of course, we chose the former!

One resort that makes almost all the Top Lists of Places to Stay in Bora Bora (heck in the world for that matter) is the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort. Since we had previous experience staying at the St. Regis in Mauritius (click this link to go to that post) twice and loved it, we knew we were making a great choice for Bora Bora.

Admittedly, the first I had heard about this was resort was in 2009 when the movie “Couples Retreat” was released. The St Regis Bora Bora was the filming location of the movie.

Fun Fact: the resort plays this movie 24/7 on a television channel in the room.

And, after watching this movie (or least parts of it several times during our stay), we realized something which we had not planned… our over-the-water-villa was the exact one used in the movie’s filming… so, that was pretty cool.


On the pier at the airport waiting to leave on our boat to the resort


The St. Regis property is on the other side of the central, main island from the airport

Upon arrival at the Bora Bora Airport, we walked out to the pier to board our boat to the resort. After 20-minutes, we arrived and had an effortless check-in for our 5-night stay.

img_1813 (1)

Our butler picked us up from the main check-in area and gave us a tour of the property on a luxurious golf cart. We arrived at our over-the-water (OTW) villa and the above picture provided a sneak-peek of the view we had. The next set of pictures are from inside our villa…


Living Room, dining area, and seating area


Since the villa is OTW, we had thick, glass windows in the floor. Just like they said in the movie, “Couples Retreat” — “Look, Baby, you can see the fish through the floor.”


Bathroom: toilet behind the door on the left, the area in the middle is the open shower and then, the heart-shaped tub on the right.


St. Regis knew we were there for our 15th Anniversary, so the butler made us feel very welcomed in our bedroom. FYI – that bed was so soft and comfortable!


Our view from our bedroom


Our villa balcony had its own hot tub


And, this was our payoff with THAT view and THAT water where we spent 80% of our time


View at sunset

Before we had left for Bora Bora, we watched tons of YouTube videos about what to bring with us to Bora Bora. One video we watched recommended bringing our own floats and rope… yes, rope. The two floats in the above picture are what we had purchased from Amazon and brought with us (CLICK HERE). Since we knew our clothes would be lightweight, we spared the extra weight of the floats in our luggage… and, it was worth it!

Oh… and, the rope… it is used to tie-off the floats since there is a slight current in the water. After two days, we felt brave enough to untether us from our dock to float far out into the lagoon. The water is clear and warm as bath water (75 degrees). The water is deep too (at least 10-15 feet).  About 100-feet from the villas are small water floats to identify the boat lanes.

This was a relaxing experience… even with a passing stingray and fish. It’s open water and reef sharks are in the water, but we saw none near us.


Our breakfast view from the buffet area.

Being near the Equator, sunlight at Bora Bora is not as long during the day as you would think. We traveled here the last week of June, and sunrise was 5:45am and sunset at 6:45pm. We walked to the breakfast area around 7:30am each morning. The food was great with buffet items and made-to-order eggs. After breakfast, we went back to our place and enjoyed the lagoon most of the day.


One of the three pools


Hammock time


Easy directions


Map of the resort… we stayed in the “Deluxe Overwater Villa” (the one of the left of the two shown on the left of the center island)

Nighttime offered many restaurant choices.  The resort is well-lit at night with accent lighting. There is just enough light to see where to go without adding too much light pollution.



The same pool shown earlier at night with a full moon

Before traveling to St. Regis, we knew meal prices are expensive. So, it prepared us and therefore we avoided this sticker shock. After all other than seafood, the resort has to import everything. That being said… all our food was absolutely delicious!!


Many choices of food types, but we stuck mostly with seafood (grilled swordfish shown above)



Our favorite restaurant was the sushi place with unique Asian-South Pacific flavors… by the way, these were the largest pieces of sushi we had ever had


Entertainment option one night was a Polynesian Luau and Dance Show.

Another beautiful time at Bora Bora is at sunset (the golden hour for photography). The next pictures highlight this beauty…


Our first sunset from our villa


Our favorite pool (The Oasis Pool)


This section is down from where our Villa was as these go farther out over the water… all with fantastic views



View from the spa area: two things (1) this is a shooting location in the “Couples Retreat” movie, and (2) we enjoyed our wonderful massages here


But, like all good things, they must come to an end. While we were sad to leave Bora Bora, we were boarding our plane back to Tahiti and then on to Hawaii for a week there before coming back home to New Jersey.img_2194

The island of Morea upon our approach back to Tahiti.


Bora Bora and Tahiti is definitely a place we will return to someday… as it is easy to get lost in this paradise…


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