Travel to Seoul, South Korea & Tokyo, Japan

In May 2013, Amanda had an opportunity to travel from Germany to Seoul to Tokyo, and then back to Germany.  This was her first trip to Asia, and I have never been before.  The colors and sights look so vivid.  And, the food looks fantastic.  She was in Seoul for 5 days and Tokyo for 3.  Between jet lag and work, there was a little time to take in the sights.

Asia is such a large area with many diverse cultures.  Over the coming years, I am sure we will have more of an opportunity to visit different places across Asia.

After living in Germany for 5 months at the time Amanda went, she said that both Seoul & Tokyo felt more “Western” than Germany….and, by Western, meaning like the US.  Lots of chain restaurants and brands were in both cities.

During her trip, this was the time period where the US and North Korea were having words back-and-forth about missiles, but the South Koreans she met on her trip there was no indication of any issues.  This is not surprising considering how the media is in the States.

The experience in Tokyo was short, but enough to make us want to return.  And, yes, there were so many people and signs.  But, a short trip to the parks near Tokyo gives a sense of serenity to the area.

She said she found the people there to be so polite and helpful.  And, we definitely want to return someday as tourists…


A palace in Seoul…

k16 k15

Can you make the guards laugh???k guards amanda guardk14 k13 k12 k9k11 k10

Night time in Seoul…the lighted lotus lanterns in the river are in honor of Buddha’s birthday:


Korean Barbeque:k6 food korea

Korean Shabu Shabu.  You add the ingredients yourself into a pot of boiling water and oil to create a soup:k amand a food

Street market in Seoul.

k5 k4


k2 k1t4 t7 t1 t2 t3t6 t5 tok sky tower

  1. The architectural colors are amazingly brilliant. I would definitely travel to Asia before you return stateside. Wow! Thanks for posting, Chad!



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