How to See A Lot of Medieval Castles in Germany? Take a Rhine River Cruise

I work for a very international company.  We have either manufacturing or sales offices in most countries around the world.  Our global headquarters are in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which is the reason my wife and I are in Germany for the next couple of years.  Since there are a lot of foreign expats in our work location, there is an International Transfer Club (ITC) at work, where those of us not originally from Germany get together for picnics, local events, or to go on sight seeing trips.

On Saturday, August 30, 2013, 80 of us rode in our double-decker bus an hour north of Mannheim to our first stop at the Castle Burg Rheinstein (built in 1316). After an hour, our bus crossed the Rhein River on ferry to the town of Rudesheim, Germany where we enjoyed weinschorles (white wine & sparking water).

Next we boarded our river cruise boat for lunch and a two hour trip north up the Rhein through the Loreley Valley, which boasts some of the most majestic castles that are on the hillsides above the river. This area has recently been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site (

Our last stop was in the village St. Goar and a tour of the Castle Rheinfels, which started construction in 1245 and is the largest castle overlooking the Rhein. After the tour, our bus traveled back home to Ludwigshafen. It was a long day 9am to 9pm, but a great trip.


2 Replies to “How to See A Lot of Medieval Castles in Germany? Take a Rhine River Cruise”

  1. The first photo looks like it would make a great place to renew wedding vows…..overlooking the Rhine …… (reminds me of a wedding I went to 10 years ago). I’d be too afraid to look down. Some of those castles look very high up. Thanks Chad for sharing!


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