How to Travel to 2 Continents and 4 Countries by 1 Boat

2 continents (Europe & Asia) & 4 countries in one week!! When we learned that Amanda’s mother Sheila was coming to visit us in Germany for the month of October, we planned a 7 day cruise to see several countries in one trip. This was our 3rd cruise (the others in the Caribbean and to Iceland & Norway), so we have learned to love cruising.

To fit into our schedule, we found this 7 day Royal Caribbean cruise that left out of Venice with our 1st stop in Croatia, 2nd stop in Kusadasi, Turkey, 3rd in Mykonos, Greece, and the 4th in Argostoli, Greece, and then back to Venice.

If we had had more time (aka vacation days), we would have scheduled an over night in Venice to see the city. But, this gives us all the more reason to come back for a weekend trip someday.

This was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea (Amanda had seen it on a high school trip to France). The water is absolutely unbelievable. It is a deep cobalt, blue color that is extremely clear. The sea was as smooth as glass (except for one day).

This was also our first visit to Greece & Turkey. First, the area of Turkey we visited is technically in Asia along the eastern Mediterranean. The port city of Kusadasi is a beautiful sea side city and our excursion was to the ancient city of Ephesus. Second, the Greek Islands are amazing. This is the first place outside of the US that I could envision retiring to live!

It was a wonderful trip made more special by being the first time Amanda’s mom had been outside of the US or Canada.

Just a short post to introduce the individual posts about our ports of call…..


  1. Such an inspirational story! I feel like sailing again. I have bought a new Cobalt boat last month and just can’t wait to use it again! Would you mind if I add your article to my web directory about boating?



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