See the Perfect Postcard View from the Beautiful Greek Island of Santorini

After we had made our way from Olympia, our next destination on our cruise was to the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini.  Last Fall, we had visited Mykonos, so we knew the beauty to expect, but Santorini exceeded all our expecations…

We arrived to the island just before sunrise….and you can just make out the white-washed buildings on top of the mountains.

IMG_9657Once we arrived, we took “tender boats” to the dock and boarded our tour bus, which took us up the mountain to the small villages.  Santorini today was formed by a volcanic eruption 3600 years ago. You can imagine the lava flowing over the land, as the rolling (now green) hills show.

IMG_9768Once we reached the village, the buildings are all white-washed stone buildings with blue accents, typical of the Greek Islands. Most building at the top of the hill in the village are shops. But, as you walk behind the shops and down the hill, the beauty of this islands comes into full sight!!

IMG_9738IMG_9737In the center of the bay is still the active volcano….and this bay is the 2nd largest volcanic area behind one near Australia.   And, behind the shops, and walking down, are the small homes and churches of the people who live here today. Basically, it is like stepping into the middle of a post card!!

IMG_9803The blue domes typically are small family churches.

IMG_9741 IMG_9757 IMG_9709 IMG_9755We had a stop at the Santo Winery, where we had a wine tasting of three different wines: red, white, and a pinot noir.

IMG_9790 IMG_9725And, our ship awaits our return in the bay.  The dock is too shallow for the cruise ship, so we board the tender boats that took us back and forth from the ship to the shore.

IMG_9834And, a little red wine to end the day…


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time 🙂 always great to drink wine with a sunset background! How was the wine?



    1. Thanks. The Greek Islands are truly a beautiful place. And, nothing beats sipping on the great wines while enjoying the people and the views!! The wine was fab!!



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