Take a Trip to See the Charming Seaside Town of Cefalu, Sicily

After we left the French Riviera, our cruise ship sailed down to Tunisia in Africa. Due to high winds, the captain felt it unsafe to dock in the bay, therefore, we had to skip Tunisia, which was disappointing.

But, we set sail for our next destination Palermo, Sicily. There we toured the seaside village of Cefalu. Our tourguide said many times that they were Sicilian and NOT Italian.

We toured the village. I saw the sights, while Amanda got to shop. We both enjoyed Sicilian pizza and gellato before heading back to our ship.

After a 30 minute drive from Palermo, we arrived at the small seaside village of Cefalu


IMG_144612th Century Piazzo Duomo church of the village of Cefalu

IMG_1467 IMG_1527 IMG_1526Inside…I quickly realized that Sunday mass was getting ready to start

IMG_1524 IMG_1518Small entrance ways down to the beach

IMG_1512IMG_1497Local fisherman fixing their fishing nets

IMG_1509IMG_1502This medieval town had a “wash room” setup where a small river was diverted to flow through the center of town. The towns people would bring their clothes here to wash.

IMG_1484One thing to try in Italy is the gelato

IMG_1495Strolling down the town’s streets…

IMG_1515 IMG_1516

Leaving Sicily…the port (town) is Palermo

IMG_1440Enjoying some white wine as we leave Sicily….


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