Take a Trip to Gytheio, Greece – the seaport for Sparta

During our cruise in April, we spent our Easter Sunday in our next port of call on the cruise in the seaside town of Gytheio, Greece, which was the port fort Greek city-state of Sparta. We did not plan any excursions here, as Amanda stayed on the ship for a spa day. I, however, wanted to see the port town. Our ship anchored in the bay, and we took tender boats into the town. I did not expect anything to be open since it was a holiday, but since this town depends on tourism, many cafes and souvenir stands were open.IMG_0409

IMG_0477This town has its origins thousands of years BC. The mighty Greek city-state of Sparta is located about 20 miles north, so the importance of this area is that it was the port for Sparta in the days of Homer’s the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey” – thanks Ms. Reeves for making us read that in high school. Because of this, this area has been taken over countless times in its history, being burned or bombed. There was a massive earthquake in 250 AD that destroyed the town also…earthquake damage seems to be a common theme in Greece!

IMG_0471IMG_0413The bay area here is so shallow with clear water. And, the neat thing here is that there are ancient ruins of walls visible in the water.

IMG_0442IMG_0406 IMG_0435The lighthouse warns of shallow waters in the bay area. The legend also goes that the lighthouse is the area where Paris upon rescuing Helen from Sparta married before leaving to go back to Troy.


IMG_0436Fresh, cooked lamb on the spit. I am not posting the pix, but let’s just say….it is the ENTIRE lamb turning. Even though it was a little shocking to see, it smelled so good.

IMG_0394Or, how about some fresh calamari

IMG_0463The tenders coming around the side of the ship to take and pickup the passengers who went ashore.

IMG_0496When it is time for the cruise ship to leave the tender boats are lifted out of the water and placed beside the other life boats.

IMG_0511Snow-capped Mt. Koumaros in the background as we left Gytheio

IMG_0517It was yet another beautiful stop along our cruise of the Greek Islands….

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