We Take Our Dog to Doggy DayCare

One question Amanda & I get a lot when we both travel is what do we do with our dog, Barney?   If we are going on an extended trip of more than a week, we are lucky that Amanda’s parents live 4 hours away.  We’ll meet them halfway and exchange Barney.  We’re very thankful they live that close, and don’t mind watching Barney for us.

But, when they don’t watch Barney for us….well, Mr. Barney gets to play with his dog friends at Camp Bow Wow in Bridgewater, NJ.

When we lived in Raleigh, NC, we wanted to find a place we felt secure in leaving Barney for an overnight, extended stay.  That’s when we found out about Camp Bow Wow in Cary, NC.  Camp Bow Wow is a franchise that started in Colorado with many locations throughout the US.  I even looked into what it would take to open my own franchise….I mean imagine a job where you play with dogs all day!

What is unique about Camp Bow Wow is that it is not just a kennel, but they allow the dogs (of roughly the same size) to play with each other throughout the day.  As they are playing, you can log onto their website and watch on their webcam at all the doggies playing.  It’s so addictive to do that by the way!

At night, they put the dogs into their own ‘cabin’ which is a 4’x’4 pin with their own cot.  And, they get an evening kong treat with peanut butter.

Since Barney is basically our four-legged son, we were very nervous about leaving him there.  We rescued Barney from a shelter in 2007.  He is part Beagle & Lab.  Thankfully, he doesn’t bark like a Beagle, but he puts his nose to the ground and tracks like one.  So, any time that he can find an opening, he is off hunting the scents.  So, this was our concern, him getting out somewhere.

What we quickly learned was that when he plays all days with dogs, he will easily sleep through the night.  For each day we take him (not for an overnight, but just to play) – he will sleep the entire next day.

Also, Barney hates riding in cars, but as soon as we turn into the parking lot at Camp, he perks right up in the seat.  When I open the door, he drags me inside.  So, I know he loves it there!

RECOMMENDATION:  We highly recommend Camp Bow Wow!  We have been very pleased with the locations in Cary, NC & Bridgewater, NJ.  Barney gives it 4 paws up!!

  1. Awww I’m glad he has a safe place to go and that he likes it there. I just wish that I could see my granddog more often 🙂



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