Sydney, Australia: A visit to the Sea Life Aquarium

In the heart of the Sydney lies an exhibit worth a visit. The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium located on Darling Habour allows an up-close view of the various types of sea life that live in the waters in and around Australia.

Located beside the aquarium are also the Sydney Wildlife Zoo and Madame Tussauds to make a full half-day activity.  To save a little money, you can buy a group pass to multiple attractions (reference their website for the latest deals).


Outside of the Aquarium.


Inside the aquarium, a pathway weaves through 14 themed zones over 2 levels showcasing various sea life from the eastern rivers to the southern oceans of Australia. Over 13,000 creatures from the Australian platypus to sawfish to sharks to even penguins live within the aquarium.



Walking through the underwater tunnels with stingrays, sharks, and fishes of many types swimming around you is amazing.IMG_9867





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